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Name: Ryan Nguyen
Facebook: RyanNguyenHC
Telegram: RyannguyenHC
Email: [email protected]

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Crypto Investment Fund – Established in July 2019. HC-Capital invests in high quality projects for Investors. The purpose is to bring maximum profit to the participants. In addition, HC-Capital is also a place to exchange, update news and discuss relevant issues in the cryptocurrency market as well as Blockchain Technology.

HC Capital Partnership Packages
  • Telegram – Facebook – Facebook Livestream with top KOLs (Duration: 30m – 1hour)
  • Around 20 thousand audiences


  • In-depth article and weekly article to promote and analyze the project to attract more influences/users/members.(1-2 in-depth articlo and 5/month)
  • from 6K to around 62K each.


  • Develop and Expand the community to gather more investors/users.
  • Around 10K in 3 months.


Partnership Package
  • Unlimited articles on all channels
  • Monthly AMA
  • Full-support in all activities
  • Community growth


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